Monday, October 23, 2006


I try to keep my sense of humor about things. If I consider that each new event will give me at least one more comic strip it helps me keep my cool. Let's take a glimpse into my world...
me: Chase, can you read this for me? I don't recognize some of the words.
C: I wrote it over in my other book.
me: Yes, but can you read this for me? I just want to know what it says.
C: That's only part of the whole poem! It's in the other book!
me: I understand, but can-you-read-THIS?!!! I just want to know what you wrote HERE!!!
C: (blank look of confusion)
me: (blank look of disbelief)

dh: Marina, I'm going to set up an e-mail account for you.
M: (in terror) Why are you going to do that?!?
dh: (slowly) So that you can e-mail your friends on your own account.
M: But I can't type fast!

S: Mommy! Is this for me?
me: Well, so much for her Christmas present being a surprise...
dh: Sierra!
S: I'm not seeing it! (as she carries it from the room with her head turned.)

More comics coming soon!

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