Saturday, November 18, 2006

A Little Poetry...

We love writing poetry. I was so disappointed to have to cancel my Family Poetry Night last Thursday because I was sick, so I decided to use my blog to release some of my family's creative energy.
We'll start with mine, cause I'm the mom:

Wait! Wait! by Cristina No Thing is Nothing by Marina

Just one more thing before I go No thing is nothing
And we'll be out the door! Especially you.
Let me put that dish away You know you are here
And sweep the kitchen floor! Just like everyone else.
I see some toys just strewn about No thing is nothing
And couldn't you just guess? Or it wouldn't exist.
The cat ran out, the mail just came Even myths are something
My hair's a frizzy mess! If they exist in our hearts.
Just one more thing, some bills to pay, No thing is nothing
Alas! We're out of stamps. It just hasn't been found yet.
I'd better write that on my list
And please turn off the lamps.
Is it cold? Please grab some coats.
Where's the baby's shoe?
I know you really want to leave
But there's so much to do!
Look, we have ten minutes spare
I'll stop at the store.
I just need some eggs and milk
And we'll be out the door!
Though while I'm here I might as well
Pick up food for dinner
And fruit and snacks, a lottery card
Since I might be a winner!
Now, of course, the only line
Is a twenty person wait.
Do you notice that this only happens
When I'm running late?

My Dad is Playing a Game by Chase

My dad is playing a computer game,
He will not even talk;
No matter how I tell him,
He will not try to stop.
I say, "Stop and go outside and run a pace!"
But he won't look at my face.
Soon I tell him to get off,
Then he shouts, "Oh no! I lost!"
Now I'm not his boss,
But I told him to get off.
He asks, "One more time." He plays the game.
Same result. So then I say,
"Go get the bikes then we will play outside today."
He says OK.
He gets the bikes. Soon he rushes in and says
"Come out so we can play outside!"
And I say nothing, because...
Now I am playing a computer game!

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