Tuesday, November 7, 2006

Make 'em Laugh!

We just watched Singing in the Rain Sunday night. I was using it to reinforce some work we did on the roaring twenties. This movie never gets old for me! Sierra danced all over the living room during it and I was ready to get up and join her. It also helped to give the kids some modern references (that's Princess Leia's mom!). I try not to sing along, since I want to give the kids a chance to here the music for themselves, but certain songs come on and I just can't help it! Make em Laugh is one of my all time favorite comedic dance routines. Having done juggling and clowning, I'm amazed on so many levels by Donald O'Connor's performance! And who doesn't want to dance after watching one of the best in the business?
And on top of having a great time watching this movie, I get to point out the flapper dresses, burlesque and vaudeville theatres, silent films and talkies, studio contracts and legal issues. "Whaddaya think, I'm dumb or somethin'?" This is stealth teaching at it's finest!

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