Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The Passing of the Dino Shrimp

It happened. The final triop has passed away. She had spent a lot of time on her back the past few days, so I wasn't entirely surprised. It is kind of weird to see it lying there. The other triops were cannibalized, so we never had a chance to examine the remains. And of course, it happened when Marina is out with friends for the morning at the Museum of Natural History, so I have to leave it alone until she comes home. At least it lived a long and happy life (for a triop). Considering the first time we did triops we never got past the magnifying glass stage of life, it was pretty impressive to have these critters for two and a half months and finish with a triop that was a whopping 2 1/4 inches long! (For those of you on the metric system, about 6 cm) She kept growing through her entire life, so I guess we can almost measure her age by her length. We will try to see if we can save the eggs according to instructions on the website. We'll keep everyone posted if we succeed on raising a second generation.
Until then, anyone want some shrimp for Thanksgiving?

Update: I just told Sierra. Her response: Oh no...did she eat herself?

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