Sunday, December 31, 2006

Home Again, Home Again...

I honestly hate driving. Long distances seem to be hard on my back, especially during "certain times of the month." Today was one of those times. I won't complain about the drive itself. We had no traffic, it was a beautiful day, we were listening to a CD of C.S. Lewis' "The Last Battle" and we made excellent time (under 4 and a half hours from Syracuse). But my back grew stiffer with every mile and I came home cramped in front and back with no way to unkink myself as my typical yoga twist postures weren't even producing a pop.

It was definitely worth going. The kids got to spend some time with their dad's aunts. Aunt Helen, age 93, boasts of the many pastors in her family, 42 great grandchildren, and has the sunniest smile. Aunt Stell, age 90, is forever young and would gladly put on roller skates if she could. She has the most positive outlook on life, loves children, and will probably live another 90 years if we can find enough tape to hold her together. She tends to break her bones a lot. She once fell through a glass door. There was glass everywhere, she cut herself every time she moved but instead of panicking, she kept calm to figure out what to do. Call her neighbor for help. Wait. First she'd make a pot of coffee. My kind of woman!
Chase and Sierra had a great time playing rocket ship with Aunt Stell's lifting chair and her scottie dog!
Marina, Aunt Helen, Aunt Stell, Chase and Sierra

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