Thursday, December 21, 2006

Home Spun strip #38


Although I modeled Bea (Gramma) after my own grandma, Miguel is modeled after my dad. Marina was the first to call him Buelo, shortened from abuelo or grandfather. Growing up with two different cultural experiences for Christmas did make life interesting! As I've mentioned before, Puerto Ricans celebrate on "Little Christmas" (Epiphany) more than on December 25. It does spread out the festivities and made it easy to know where we would be celebrating--Christmas with mom's family, January 6 for dad's. His tradition is to make a batch of "coquito," which could best be described as a Puerto Rican eggnog. It's a mixture of coconut, vanilla ice cream, eggs, vanilla, cinnamon and Puerto Rican Rum (although I've only had it virgin, I can't stand the taste of alcohol).

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