Tuesday, December 12, 2006

My Busy Weekend

Last weekend was incredibly busy. I went to PA with the girls to help celebrate a 60th birthday. We brought along NY bagels and some of our first batch of cookies. The cookies didn't last too long, but I did take a picture, because they were so pretty (never a deterrent for true cookie lovers). Marina and I made the top row together, she made the chocolate crinkles and I did the chocolate dipping. What do you think?
We also went to an open house at the Governor's Mansion in Pennsylvania. It was very nicely decorated. Sierra's favorite room was the Red-Nosed Moose room. Marina liked the trains and miniature village set up under one of the trees. I loved the birdhouses outside decorated with seed and candy. The only problem we had was when Sierra spilled some hot chocolate on herself. Luckily the rug had a pattern, I'm sure no one will notice!

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