Saturday, February 10, 2007

When Life Gives You Lemons...

I know I haven't written a lot since I took Guru to the vet on Tuesday. I've been doing a lot of research, familiarizing myself again with remedies we had tried on our last cat, Thor. I really think we could have saved Thor with the homeopathic regimen we were using, except that he had already reached the point of liver failure and we had to hand feed him to get him to eat anything. In comparison, Guru has a healthy appetite and doesn't have the breathing problems Thor did. I started Guru on some of the homeopathic remedies I had used before, Moducare (brand name of plant sterols--used for immune boosting), and raw meat added to his diet (all three cats have been very enthusiastic about this). Marina and I have started a notebook to keep track of his symptoms and the remedies we use. I figure whatever we do, however long we increase his life, our experience could prove valuable to the next person faced with this.
Homeopathy is based on the theory of like cures like. If a certain element, say rhus tox (poison ivy) can cause itchy rashes, then a molecule of rhus tox can stimulate the body's immune system to heal a similar itchy rash. I've been using homeopathics and some herbal remedies since Marina was a baby. Over the years, I've bought several books on Homeopathic medicine and read several more from the library. They are user friendly and I have gotten good results from using them for colds, injury, asthma, pica, and other family ailments. They are also less toxic, which is good since we had one incident of a busybody 2 y.o. downing half a bottle of one remedy (she was fine, not even a proving--symptoms that the remedy can cause in large amounts) I don't use the herbals as much unless I've thoroughly researched what I am considering using, since there is a higher risk of adverse effects from misuse.I started using remedies on the cats with Thor, last year.

I think this will be a good lesson for my animal loving daughter. One of the careers she's considering is animal behavior, so I've given her the job of listing Guru's behavior and physical characteristics each day so that we can figure out what direction to go in for treatment. Whatever the outcome, I plan to share our notes and thoughts with our vet. Maybe we'll be able to convince her to expand to alternative veterinary medicine.

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