Friday, March 9, 2007

Home Spun strip #70

Home Spun comic strip #70

Wow! I just realized that not only have I just posted my 70th strip, this is also my 150th entry. Cool!

A note on these last two strips: These are actual ideas that I used to help teach my son to read and spell. I guess I should have kept up with it and I might not have had the phonetic spelling problems I've had since then. Unfortunately, after 4 letter words you either need to have an extra person or extra limbs. I think I remember one of them using their head for five letter words. I guess it depends on what you use for your letter board. I found that taping down construction paper letters didn't work for long since they ripped apart. We did eventually invest in one of the foam alphabet puzzle mats. That was much more useful for this particular game.

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