Sunday, October 1, 2006

Home Spun strip #1

These cartoons were originally published on my homeschoolblogger account. I will try to transfer them here as quickly as possible. Bear with me as I am not very computer savvy.
I started this cartoon one child ago, l left it for a while, and now I make a new strip whenever the spirit moves me (it has to push hard sometimes-- sleep deprivation from the youngest, you know). Anyway, it used to be called "The Home Front" but when I surfed a comic strip site I saw that the name was already taken. So here it is, in its debut to the cyberverse, as "Home Spun," named for my children's storytelling group. Please go easy on me, these (loosely) reflect my own familial observations and reminiscences, not the homeschool community as a whole.

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