Thursday, October 19, 2006

Home Spun strip #10

Here's a question: What's your favorite cartoon, past or present?
I remember as a kid, the three of us always fought to be the first to see the comics page in the paper. Over the years, comics have been a source of comfort for me, a source of inspiration, and they probably improved my reading, writing and vocabulary as much as any teacher. I love reading the comics first thing in the morning and sharing the funny ones with my kids. My oldest reads and discusses the deeper ones with me, as well as the editorial cartoons.
My favorite: For Better or For Worse. Lynn Johnston was one of the first women cartoonists with a syndicated strip, her characters age, and she doesn't shy away from the hard topics like death. She was part of my inspiration for Home Spun and I would love to meet her and show her my comic. (Rose is Rose is my second favorite, I love Pasquale's guardian angel.)
So leave a comment and let me know, what's your favorite cartoon strip?

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