Sunday, April 15, 2007

Thinking and Thinking

As some of you may already know, I did not win a funniest homeschool blog award. I know, you’re shocked, but let’s face it, I’m relatively new here and I haven’t had the exposure of some blogs. I will thank the award for exposing me to more readers, as well as giving me some new options to read. If you haven’t noticed, I stuck that counter on my blog about 3 weeks ago and it has been showing a steady increase ever since, with traffic doubling once I was nominated. So in the interest of teaching my kids about learning from each experience, I’ve decided to approach this scientifically, with no sour grapes, and analyze my experience as a nominee.

And so I present “The Reasons Why I Did Not Win”

· My nomination came in at the deadline, so I did not have a year to collect a million dollars in my campaign war chest. I don’t think it would have helped but who couldn’t use a million dollars?

· Not enough friends and family. Mine are a small but loyal crowd. Many aren’t even computer savvy. Of course, I didn’t tap the Puerto Rican side of the family. (More on that tomorrow, I don’t want to give away my next comic strip.

· No toddler votes! Come now, isn’t this inconsiderate considering we’re homeschoolers? I lost the votes of countless toddlers, including my own daughter. And don’t get me started on the in utero votes I lost.

· No name recognition. Now be honest, should I change my blog name? Something with a little pizazz, like "My Life in the Funny Pages." Because to tell you the truth, even I forgot what I had named it.

· Hanging chads. Ok, we had voting problems at our designated polling place (computers). We have two. I waited until the last day to give myself a pity vote only to find I could no longer vote! The rule clearly stated “one vote per computer, up to five computers per household.” My husband said it could be because we use a router that shares the online connection, but that’s irrelevant! I still lost my vote! And with our secret ballot, how do I know my husband didn’t vote for Danielle Bean? Or Mamalogues? Or Fish in my Hair?

And now for something completely different…

Appleleaf has been so kind as to nominate me for a Thinking Blog Award. I consider this a fantastic honor because her blog always makes me think, as do others. So if I am a Thinking Blog, it is because I have so many cyberfriends who prod me into thinking.

And now to get the ball rolling. I don’t know if any of these fine thinkers has been tagged already, if so, consider yourself doubly honored!

CarpeBanana-I’m not even going to check if you were nominated yet. Your entries always make me smile and some send me off into the cyberverse in search of poetry and fun algebra examples.

BethanyRae-Always thought provoking and challenging. If you missed her entry on husband bashing, you must read it.

Centralian Jen-She has a gift for making you feel like you are experiencing her slice of Australia right along with her. And here on the other side of the world I can relate to her kinship with nature. I know she can’t log on much since her family’s latest move to the middle of nowhere, but if nowhere looks like that, I would love to be a Nowhere Man. I would nominate her daughter’s blog as well, but I think I’ll leave that to her.

MOMflippedisWOW-This is a blog I check on regularly and always find something interesting to read, her latest entries were on dealing with unsupportive relatives and unschooling advantages.

DTandFambly-She takes her fambly on adventures all over their state. Check out her links for her favorite hobby, letterboxing, and the slideshow of their hikes as she nature schools at different state parks. Her goal is to visit every state park in North Carolina. And she makes terrific scones!

And now, thinkers, it’s your turn! Go to the The Thinking Blog for instructions.

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