Thursday, May 10, 2007

Home Spun Contest

So what would happen if you or your kids met the Spinners? Would mom commiserate with Jess about homeschooling tricks? Would Jess meet a homeschooling dad? Would your kids do an activity with Toby and Coral? Would the dad share war stories with Allen about the time he mistook an experiment for lunch? What funny homeschooling experience can your family share with my comic strip family?

It has to make me laugh and it has to be short (we are talking comic strip here).
The winner or winners will guest star in one to three strips. I'll contact you for a description of your family's characters (and you can name them if you like!). I'll send a copy of the completed strip/strips on nice sturdy cardstock or e-mail the file, your choice.

Contest is open to all, but it helps if you've homeschooled at some point. If you don't have a blog, be sure to give me an e-mail address so I can contact you.

The next two weeks will be busy, so let's say the contest ends June 1, 2007!


ComfyDenim said... I dunno. What would we do if we met the Spinners?
We'd probably have a play date at mcdonald's. The question in mind is WHY would we meet the spinners?

BTW - I've gotten all your comments - and they've all made ma laugh- and I've been unable to reply. I'm going to soon - though, you eco-warrior...but the house is a mess.

I showed Mini-Me the comic about wanting a baby sister and she did not remember her own instance of this - except wanting a sister ... but she did laugh.

Aliadelaide said...

Well if we met it'd have to be at our place because I am absolutely refusing to go out anywhere next week!!lol. L (6)would probably grab the kids and ask their advice on all his natural science experiment(eg d'you think these milipedes that I've kept in this box under my pillow!! are dead or just hibernating...wanna make some cubby-house soup with me; I won't make you eat it! T(10)would show the kids our 2 viking ships and discuss the relative merits of the leggo over the playmobile one and talk and talk and talk Redwall.Dh would make some really strong coffee and home-made scones for the grown-ups and we'd sit in the living room as close as politely we could sit to the oil heater and swap what my two teens call embarassing parent stories about our offspring.
PS And sorry I haven't got a funny story to share!But I'm looking forward to reading the winning one!

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