Tuesday, May 1, 2007

May Day! May Day!

This is our busy month. You’ll understand why as the month progresses. (Blatant attempt to keep everyone coming back to my blog.)

Last weekend had its share of trials. Friday night, we noticed our cat Merlin kept hacking. Not hairball hacking exactly, but definitely a “boy, I wish I could get this hairy feeling out of my mouth” kind of sound. I went to pet his side and it was sticky, as if he rolled in something. “Did someone put something on the cat?” I asked, eyes trained on my youngest and most adventurous child.

“Nope! Wasn’t me!” was her response. No one else owned up to the deed.

I tried to wipe the foreign substance from his fur. No luck. Still making odd hacking noises whenever he licked his fur. “Are you SURE no one put anything on the cat? It would be sad if he got sick because I didn’t know how to clean off whatever got on him.”

Off Sierra went to her room and returned with a capped tube of Chapstick (with conditioning lotion). “I think maybe he rubbed against this.”

“I see. He repeatedly rubbed up against the Chapstick and then thoughtfully capped it after.”

“Yep! That’s what happened!” Hmmm…

FYI, doing a Google search of “cat ate Chapstick” will only yield sites of babies that eat Chapstick. Until now. I suggest washing it out in dish soap and water. Luckily, Merlin is a pretty docile cat, which is why she was able to rub Chapstick on him in the first place, so it wasn’t a big deal to clean him up.

On Sunday, I told my parents about what had happened. When I showed the tube of Chapstick, Sierra took it from me and rubbed some on her lips. Then she picked the cat hairs off her lips.

Is it any wonder that I never run out of comic strip material?

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