Saturday, May 19, 2007

Tag Sales and Cake

I know I'm late with an entry today. It was a busy morning. I went to a few tag sales with Marina. I found a really neat solid wood bar cabinet from the 1940's. It's a beautiful piece. The top folds open to a tin covered serving table and there are storage racks for wine and shot glasses. I can't wait to figure out a use for it, since we don't drink. We do have crystal wine glasses we can set inside on the glasses rack. I'm thinking it would make a nice spare pantry. The bottom half locks, so I could even use it for storing Christmas presents (Sierra found most of her presents this past year).

I was also working on a birthday cake for Chase. Tomorrow is his birthday. If anyone has been counting that makes the third birthday in May. Yep, they are all May babies--May 3rd, May 15th and May 20th. It just happened that way. Sierra was supposed to be born in April, but she held out for five days. And if that isn't enough, they seem to be attracted to May babies. Half of their friends are in May. Is there some secret society for May that I'm unaware of? I usually try to finish as much schoolwork
as possible in April to anticipate the lack of schoolwork that happens this month. May starts our unschooling season!

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