Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Corrections and such...

My son informed me that I got a little confused with what I wrote for Tae Kwon Do. This is because I don't take the class, he does. Anyway, it was the Red Belt Test and he did his High Blue Belt poomse to get promoted. He is now learning the Red Belt poomse for his next promotion exam (in September). He also decided he wants to work toward the black belt. *sigh* I'm glad he's dedicated, but I would love for him to be involved in a class that only meets once per week. Does that make me unsupportive?

I also realized that my quarterly reports are due next week. Ack! Where did the time go? So if you don't hear from me a lot this weekend, you'll know what I'm doing. I try to write our IHIP's (Individualized Home Instruction Plan) for next year at the same time, so the fourth quarter is usually the most involved. And I have to hand in those test results. I did realize something as I pulled out my copy of "The Well-Trained Mind." Next September, I will have one child at each stage of the trivium. Should be an interesting year. I'm glad I won't have to report Sierra's progress yet.

Finally, I also realized that Fathers' Day crept up on me. This put a slight flaw in my plan to do a comic strip tribute to homeschooling dads. In other words, I haven't written those strips yet. I will need to get cracking if I want to put them up next week. If I can't get it all together we will just have to celebrate the following week. Sorry Dads! (Don't worry, I have plenty of strips to work with. I'll just switch around with the strips for hubby's birthday--his birthday is the Sunday after Father's Day. Comprende?)
If all goes according to plan, that also means you might get extra strips this week so I can have all the contest comics up before next week. Lucky you!

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