Saturday, June 30, 2007

Make Use of my Sidebar

I want to take some time to point out my sidebar. I've been adding some links that I hope others will find as interesting and/or useful as I do. In particular, I would like to point out the Internet Safety and Tech Advice section. I don't know about you, but I've been getting a lot of suspicious e-mails and spam lately. Millers and the Urban Legends (snopes) sites have been very useful for keeping me out of trouble when Tech Support isn't home to help me. I've managed to avoid various phishing (personal information gathering) schemes disguised as e-mails from credit card companies and Today I had a new one from a place that said "someone" had sent me an e-card and I could click on the link to pick it up. As a rule, I do not click on links until I verify who sent the e-mail. This particular link tricks you into installing spyware on your computer and sends messages to everyone in your address book.
I also linked with Webmonkey. It had a very good parents' guide to internet safety with a list of rules for kids to follow when they are in cyberspace. This same website has a tutorial that introduces kids to the basics of web design. I'm reading it because it is helping me understand the mysteries of things like html. I don't care if it talks to me as if I were a child. I need that.
Blogging Basics 101 is another good site for answering my technical questions as I trip along in the blogging world. I wish I had found it when I started blogging. This site has a wonderful section on blogging etiquette as well. I'm so glad someone is writing about that, because I always wondered about things like listing other blogs (should I add them if I only lurk there), maintaining privacy, and proper dress while commenting (kidding).
That said, I probably won't have time to post entries next week. Family commitments will be keeping me occupied.
So make use of my sidebar. And if you enjoyed something, let me know.

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Bonni said...

Have a great week. I'll miss you!

Happy Independence Day! I know, it's early. But I didn't want to miss you.


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