Saturday, June 9, 2007

Updates on our Busy Life

Figured I would update everyone on some things.

Marina's voice still sounds gravelly but nowhere near Hepburn in "On Golden Pond" or Demi Moore hoarse. She did fine on her test last Tuesday. She said her voice got clearer when reciting the prayers, but by the time she came home she couldn't talk, so I had to wait a few days to get any details about the test. I'm not worried, just curious. I know we had a much more relaxed Confirmation process when I was confirmed in sixth grade. With my test anxiety, I'm sure I would never have managed an eleven page test. My exams never matched my classwork in any subject, including art.

I just slept in till 10 this morning, so I'm feeling less sleep deprived.

I saw my young cardinal friend. He seems to have mastered flight but was whining at his mom to feed him. Teenagers. If you missed the entry about the special way we bonded, look HERE. I realized this is the first year our resident pair of cardinals had a male. I've watched them for several years, and each year they've had one female baby that they doted on. My cat never caught one of the females, but they were much quieter than this guy.

I spent the week taking Chase to Tae Kwon Do. He needed the final tip for his red belt. A tip is a piece of colored tape that they attach to their belt when they learn a certain skill. He was having trouble learning the poomse, a series of stances, kicks and punches. Chase tested for the tip on Tuesday, Wednesday, and finally earned it on Thursday. The test was Friday. I think he'll appreciate his red belt since this was the hardest he's had to work to earn a belt. Hubby (my tech support) is going to see if he can get the poomse video he took at the belt test onto my blog, so stay tuned.

I am in the process of inking in my contest winners. I think I might be taking longer than usual. I want to do a nice job for the stories I received. I hope my winners enjoy them.

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