Saturday, July 21, 2007

Part 3 of an Incredible Story of Faith, Rebellion, and Falling in Love

This is the third and final part. If you haven't read Part 1 or Part 2, you might end up feeling a bit confused.

Part 3

The following week there was a meeting to discuss ideas for the Starlight Foundation’s next gala event. They were thinking a fairy tale theme. As I told them I knew someone who worked at the Renaissance festival, I could feel my cheeks burn and I knew my face was turning bright red. The following Thursday I asked R. for his phone number, explaining about the event. We practiced passing and then went out to a diner with the jugglers. As we sat together, our hands brushed against each other and we were holding hands. Bill sat across from us, and as he talked, I could see he was puzzling over what was happening as R. and I sat closer and closer. When I called R. the next day to discuss the Starlight Foundation and get numbers to pass on, I ended up on the phone for 3 hours. His deep voice made my heart melt. He asked me out. Our first date started at FAO Schwartz toy store, then we strolled through Central park and ended up seeing the movie, “Wings of Desire.” After the movie, he leaned over and we had our first kiss.

It always seemed like he could read my mind, and was as much an Incurable Romantic as I am. While we were dating, we lived on opposite sides of New York City, 1 and a half to two hours and at least 2 transfers apart by subway. Neither of us had a car. He would escort me home on the train and then hop back on to head home. I once asked if I was worth all that effort, and he told me, “I’d commute for you! Helen of Troy? If the Greeks had had to take the subway, they might have decided it wasn’t worth the effort, but I’d commute for you!” Even our wedding bands are inscribed with a message from our favorite movie, “The Princess Bride.” They say, “As you wish.”

The rest is history. I knew by the third date that we would always be together. (It took R. a little longer to come to that conclusion. He likes to ponder.) While we dated he was a struggling actor, but once we married and moved out of the city, family responsibilities made him settle into his other interest, computers. I like thinking back on how we met. There were so many factors, good and bad, that needed to play out to reach the point where we actually met. I figure that’s how God planned it. R. is my soulmate. In spite of our age difference, growing up hundreds of miles apart, my sheltered existence and fear of mass transit, we found each other.

She loves you still and you love her...Not one couple in a century has that chance, not really, no matter what the storybooks say...


divinagrace said...

That was a lovely story. I'm so happy to have discovered your blog through the Real Learning blogroll. It's a breath of fresh air and so fun to visit. I especially enjoy the comics!

appleleaf said...

How fantastic when true stories are as wonderful as fiction!
Interesting to see that you are both "lefties" yet have right-handed children. These things are unpredictable.
Also, I share the characteristic you mentioned in your Prt. 2 of not necessarily recognising people in different settings. It's always seemed so bizarre to me. People say, "I don't remember names but I remember faces", I'm the opposite. When they mention their names, it all comes rushing back. My dh always says, "Yeah, that is weird!"
Have a great weekend,

Lori said...

i loved reading your beautiful love story - brought tears to my eyes!

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