Friday, August 31, 2007

Home Spun comic strip #133

Home Spun comic strip #133

As you can see, Sierra chose a name for her character. She chose the Spanish spelling "Aña" over Anya or Anna. And now that she's finished laboring, I hope no one minds if I take a little comic strip break for Labor Day weekend. I need to take some time to get us back into our routine of schooling. It's been a long summer!
I will try to take the time to post some pictures from the zoo design presentation. Marina's group did an awesome job. Marina's heart is with animals. I'm glad I could give her this opportunity.


appleleaf said...

What a beautiful, gypsy-ish looking name. How is it pronounced? I guess it's different than either Anya or Anna.
About surveys, they do take a bit of patience. In Australia, our latest Census revealed that our typical family is said to have 2.3 children, which still makes me laugh.

Inner Elder said...

Congratulations! Hmmm...Baby Ana looks so peaceful. Don't get used to it! Love, Grandma

TobyBo said...

Have a good weekend.

I'm glad Marina had a good experience.

Thanks for the Femme Philosopher thing. I will have to think about it and think some more. ;) Did you make that button yourself? I wish I had a clue how to do something like that but then it probably takes time so maybe not. I guess what I really mean is I am looking forward to the day that I can just download ideas from my mind directly into being a finished project.

B&B said...

How precious! Baby Ana is so cute!
After all that, you deserve a vacation! Enjoy the beginning of school! Don't you have a new student this year?

Have a wonderful holiday!

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