Saturday, September 1, 2007

Grandma's Perspective and Internship Pix

For grandma's perspective about Marina's internship, you can go to her blog, The Inner Elder.

On their final day, the teens did a presentation of their zoo exhibit designs.

Marina's group did 3 Asia exhibits, the Komodo dragon, the tigers and the gaur. Below is the tiger exhibit that Marina worked on and you can see the gaur exhibit behind it. At the end of each table was a PowerPoint presentation with information about the animals and the exhibit designs.

Asia Exhibits

In spite of the crowd, Chase also managed to get some pictures of the North American exhibits. At the end was the bison exhibit, the center was the mountain lion, and at the other end was the American alligator.

N. American Exhibits

Unfortunately, he couldn't get close to the African exhibits table. There were lots of proud parents milling about. These teens did an excellent job and their instructors were very happy with this group. I can't think of a better way for my daughter to spend her summer!

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B&B said...

Great pictures!!

I'm so glad Marina had such a fun internship.

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