Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Home Spun comic strip #138

Home Spun comic strip #138


B&B said...

Oh PLEASE tell me you weren't in an accident!!

B&B said... forgot...Sierra's still a baby, lol, so IF you WERE in one, it was like five years ago?

~~Just me ~~ reading too much into your awesome comics. Hopefully??

jugglingpaynes said...

No! No accident, just normal traffic tie ups in the big city and its suburbs!
Sorry, I rushed that picture. I HATE drawing cars!

B&B said...

Yer funny!! Lol... triops!! We've already done them a few times, he only wanted the frog habitat because I've been stubborn about putting tadpoles in the fish tank again. My spouse NEVER does just one or two and the last time, I was prego with Geo, and they all evolved and escaped all over the house!

George's complete list plus the new XBox he would like brings the grand total to approx $2000.00, even though I'm extremely impressed with his choices, I don't think he'll get them all.

As for the three 6's, I wanted to see what my readers thought they were! ;) Caylee says it was the mark of the bank inside Wally's World; either three apples or peaches (it is in GA, after all)

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