Monday, October 8, 2007

Home Spun comic strip #146

Home Spun comic strip #146

Once upon a time, my daughter started telling stories at our library's story hour. I thought it might be really nice if I could get together a group of homeschooled children to run their own story time. The idea was to have them tell stories to the library community. Instead, it has evolved into a monthly homeschooling event where the children tell stories to each other. We hardly read directly out of books anymore. Now we simply share tales with each other, stepping out from behind our books and telling stories as true storytellers, performers, and story lovers. Anyone who comes is welcome to share a tale!
In the beginning, our biggest issue was getting the kids to speak up. Even the loudest among them seemed to lose their voice when they sat in the storytelling chair. Five years later, I am proud to say that these children have grown into wonderful, well spoken storytellers!

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B&B said...

These are so great! I never thought of doing something like this. Your kids are so lucky to have you as their super hero even if your Superpower IS Invisibility!
I give you an A++ on excellent Stealth Teaching!!

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