Saturday, October 27, 2007

Kitten Cabinets

Last night around midnight, I heard one of the kittens mewing in the kitchen. I went in to see what the problem was. I saw one kitten, sitting in front of the counter cabinet drawers, and I heard the other, scrabbling INSIDE the cabinet drawers.
OK, someone caught a kitten in the drawer. I open the drawer. No kitten. I can still hear the kitten, but I can't see him. Thoughts of poltergeist, now. Hubby comes in. He pulls out the bottom drawer. No kitten. He pulled out everything from underneath the sink next to the drawer. We had done some work back there, so there was a hole, which was the only place we figured he could get in from. No luck. We wake my 14yo because she's thinner and could get farther under to see if she can find him with a mirror and flashlight. In the meantime, hubby runs down to the basement to see if there is any way the kitten could have squeezed through a hole down into there.
At this point, I'm trying to herd the three adult cats to keep them from going under the sink, the kitten has stopped mewing, and I'm panicking with visions of trying to explain a dead kitten to my younger children.
Around 2am, I tell my husband to come out, because the kitten is either huddling in fear from all the noise or passed out from whatever is under the cabinet. (It's an old house, we've had a lot of what were they thinking moments.) A minute later, we hear scrabbling and the kitten pops out from behind the counter drawers.
Which is good, because hubby was about to get the saw.
It's a good thing he's cute. When he's sleeping.

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appleleaf said...

What a great attempted rescue operation. That kitten had you occupied for 2 hours at that time of night! I'm glad the kitchen drawers didn't need to be sacrificed.

Carol said...

Great story. Hope you finally caught up on your sleep. Sweet pic.

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