Thursday, December 27, 2007

Attention Google Searchers...

I'm so grateful for all the Google searchers out there , you've really upped my site count. I figure I should try to answer the top three searches I've been getting lately.

For the record, the Wintuk show is about 2 and a half hours including one intermission. I'm sorry I didn't mention that in my original review. You should also tack on an extra hour because Madison Square Garden wanted people to arrive an hour early to assure you are seated on time.

If you have a Krazy glue problem my only advice is keep a bottle of nail polish remover on hand whenever you use your super glue. The longer that stuff stays on your fingers, the harder it is to remove. And never try to hold the open bottle of glue while you are trying to repair something or you might end up pouring half the bottle of glue into the palm of your five year old's hand. I learned that the hard way.

As for juggling costumes, stay away from billowy sleeves and pants unless you are really confident with your behind the back and under the leg tricks. Props tend to get tangled up in the fabric. Soft leather soled shoes like acrobatic shoes or jazz shoes are best so that you have freer movement. Nothing kills a good pirouette ending like sneakers. And unless you do hat manipulation, don't wear a hat. They just get in the way. If you do a lot of ball manipulation I would opt for colors that contrast with your props, your audience will see what you're doing better.

I hope that helps! Good luck in your searches!

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