Friday, December 7, 2007

Home Spun comic strip #172

Home Spun comic strip #172


B&B said...

Marina is truly beautiful inside and out! You have been blessed with wonderful children.

appleleaf said...

I hope you had a really, really happy birthday! I appreciate what you said about the thirties. It's a funny decade. We still feel "young" yet it sounds as if we're nudging middle age. (I'll be 38 on Christmas Eve).
Did Marina really knock back the role of Mary to be a shepherd with Chase? What a story for family memories.
Take the last weeks til Christmas easy,
PS We managed to track down a copy of that Jean Ure book. It was described as "impossibly rare" and is being sold for $325 AU!! What a shame, I'll have to go without. Even I have my limits on the amount I'm prepared to spend on a novel. My hubby says thank goodness for that.

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