Monday, December 10, 2007

Home Spun comic strip #173

Home Spun comic strip #173


appleleaf said...

There aren't too many Christmas secrets around our place either, except for ours to the kids. It's sometimes a matter of turning a blind eye.
Maybe you could save the lost & found card design to use next year, although you'll probably come up with many new ones in that that time.

B&B said...

Christmas secrets? What's that?

I have a really bad habit of not being able to wait. My spouse is always on my case about that.

So what was it that Marina made you?

B&B said...

Oh yeah, in answer to your question, yes, it was the Kids Discovery recent issue. I have found getting subscriptions to Zoobooks, Wildlife Explorer, Kids Discovery and a few others, is a great way to supply great information that leads to much more exploration. ~ I'll still be making sure we have covered everything in the fourth grade textbooks, but when you measure how tall the full curriculum stack of books is, it shouldn't take too much time. Sitting and 'doing' school each day just isn't an option in our current life.

Inner Elder said...

Love this strip, Tina. Marina is following in your crafty footsteps.

Love, Mom

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