Saturday, December 22, 2007

Our Gingerbread Creation

My great idea was gingerbread Lincoln logs. Why did I think we would end up with something so simple? Marina took over from there.
She realized she didn't have enough logs to make a proper log cabin, so we pulled out some ice cream cup cones and she figured she would make a gingerbread castle. Except that the result looked more like a ziggurat, or the ruins of the hanging gardens of Babylon. Still with me?

I started joking that it looked like something Indiana Jones would explore. This is how we ended up with:

Gingerbread Jones 3

I was very proud of the hat. It was my only contribution this year. Marina had made the brim out of chocolate, but couldn't get the top part to look hat like. It's made out of an almond cut in half, dipped in chocolate and the halves are set up next to each other.
Gingerbread Jones 2

I love how she made the whip and the thugs' swords. She used Starburst fruit chews.
Gingerbread Jones 1

Too bad I couldn't figure out how to make it more Christmas themed. But it was a fun idea.


Anonymous said...

Very KEWL!

TobyBo said...

oh, man. Oh, man. I cannot believe this. Here we are, preparing to make sedate little gingerbread houses (probably out of graham crackers because I'm feeling lazy like that) and then you all go and overachieve in a major way. I can only imagine how you will top that next year. Oh, man.


That is great.

Enjoy your Christmas!

Inner Elder said...

I never did trust gingerbread guys! Love your creation. Looks even more awesome (and delicious) in person.

Love, Grandma

JK said...

That is Awesome! Can't show it to my boys, they'll want to make one immediately, and my stomch still hurts from our boring old house... but next year!

flmom said...

Very creative! I bet it was delicious as well.

Homestead Mama said...

Oh, so cute!!!

I can see the Indiana Jones domain. Kinda makes me want to jump in and do some exploring!

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