Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Home Spun comic strip #180

Home Spun comic strip #180


B&B said...

Lol.....I have one of those too!

Every year we buy a few more peices of the Rokenbok. Hopefully, soon, we will have our metal building turned into the official rec room and it can grow larger and stay set up.

Soon you may hear me singing The Sun Salution Saved My Life! ;)
I've slowly been finding myself.

Henry Cate said...

All total our family got between thirty and forty books for Christmas. My 13-year-old and my 11-year-old read all the children's books in the first couple days. My 7-year-old is just starting to become a reading fiend. It is so wonderful to see.

foggidawn said...

Hehehe . . . that was me, when I was her age!

Wait . . . that still is me!

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