Monday, February 18, 2008

When Did I Agree to All of This?

I don't seem to follow the school calendar at all. Today is Presidents' Day. The day we celebrate the past leaders of our fine country by going shopping. I learned that when I brought in the paper last Friday and dozens of circulars spilled out. Many schoolchildren have off this week. They call it "winter break." I will continue to call it Presidents' Week, because I don't think I will have a break this week. In fact, this is a busier-than-usual week.

Tomorrow I will be teaching balloon sculpture at a nearby library. Libraries tend to hire me during school holidays, because panicked parents of schoolchildren are suddenly faced with Free Time, which must be a bad thing because all the newspapers have articles about how to fill this void with museum visits and craft projects. Tomorrow, I will be filling the void with a workshop on balloon twisting.

Don't misunderstand me, I love what I do, and it is nice to have a little extra pocket money from time to time. I only wish I had remembered to look at my calendar. That way I would have realized that aside from the balloon workshop tomorrow and babysitting today through Wednesday, I will also have our monthly storytelling group on Wednesday, nature class on Thursday, and my art class will meet on Friday. How did that happen? Simple. I didn't write any of it on my calendar. I'm still working on that habit.

I am sure at some point during the week, my children will start complaining about their lack of Free Time. Time for curling up with a book, time for playing pirate games on the computer, time for knitting and drawing, time to simply be free of commitments. We enjoy our Free Time. I sure hope we get some soon.


TobyBo said...

Aaack! your schedule is stressing *me*! One thing at a time, and you'll get through, right?

Inner Elder said...

It's supposed to snow Friday so maybe you will have some free time then. It is great that the kids crave free time. May it lead them to an appreciation of solitude. It will serve them well.
Love Mom

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