Monday, March 24, 2008

Home Spun comics: Puerto Rico set 1

Home Spun comic strip #83

Home Spun comic strip #84

Home Spun comic strip #85

I find that one of the nicest things about homeschooling is that we are not tied to a school vacation schedule. If I want to take a day trip, I take a day trip. If I want to spend 2 weeks in Puerto Rico, ummmm...gee, I guess we have to do a little planning first. But I can always send the Spinner family to visit! The benefits of vacationing this way are that you can go places without dealing with peak season crowds and you can find lower travel fares. We do this on a smaller scale when we visit museums or the zoo. It is always nice to enjoy these places without the noise and bustle of school groups or weekend visitors. This week's strips are about a very special trip to Puerto Rico, loosely based on our real life adventure when Marina was 8 and Chase was 5, before Sierra was born.

Parts have been reprinted from April 9-13, 2007.

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appleleaf said...

Hope you had a great Easter.
We agree with what you say. Caravan parks and theme parks are always so much more enjoyable off-season, let alone not having to organise our schedules to fit some outside person's planner.

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