Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Home Spun comics: Puerto Rico set 2

Home Spun comic strip #86

Home Spun comic strip #87

Home Spun comic strip #88

And just because I want you to have the full virtual vacation experience, here are some links to the places I mention:

Camuy Caverns-This one has a couple of pictures of the caverns, which was the most I could find. There are about a million steps in this place.

Arecibo Observatory-This is the home of SETI, Carl Sagan's baby.

El Yunque rainforest-Bonus! This site has a picture of our little friend, the coqui. You have never known excitement until you are 1 kilometer in both directions from the nearest bathroom, both ways are uphill, and your son has a shy bladder so you can't just use a tree. AND you have to pass a waterfall. Reprinted from April 20, 2007

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