Sunday, March 9, 2008

Tropical Interlude

As promised, here are pictures from our recent visit to the NY Botanical Garden to see the Orchid Show.

Orchid Show #1I tried to figure out which of these were taken by Marina and which by Chase. I finally gave up. I'll just say that they were not taken by me.

Orchid Show #2

Orchid Show #3
This fountain at the Conservatory is one of our favorite rooms. I love how this picture came out.

Orchid Show #4
Words cannot express how beautiful the orchids were. What a difference compared to the cold city scene outside of this building. By the following morning, our area was covered in snow .


Bonni said...

Beautiful! My favourite is the picture with the fountain. Gorgeous.

appleleaf said...

They really are beautiful. Sublime colours.
Your current coldness sounds a bit unreal to me as we're in the middle of a long, scorching heat wave here. We've been sleeping with wet towels just trying to stay cool.

Lostcheerio said...

Oh LOVELY -- the fountain picture is amazing. Perfect, perfect, perfect. I put it as my desktop background -- hope the artist doesn't mind!

B&B said...

Beautiful! Orchids and snow all in the same day! You are so lucky to live in such a diverse area.

Dell said...

I love the fountain picture! That is amazing!

Inner Elder said...

Wow! I was in awe at the colors of the Orchid Show this year. But now I am super-awed. Great pix! I think I will re-visit the show. Love, Mom

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