Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Inspiring Model Makers

People seem to really like playing with their food. Especially kids. Our sugar wafer Stonehenge and graham cracker Trojan Horse have inspired another family to creativity. Check out what Purpleflowerpatch has done with leftover chocolate eggs. And she's challenged us to come up with more food models. Marina is really pushing for Easter Island statues. I think she misses sculpting. Chocolate sculpting is like soapstone sculpting, isn't it?

Anyway, start thinking up your models and pull out the food stuffs. Use healthy food if you like! Knock your socks off! And when you're finished, send a link to the Purpleflowerpatch. Can't wait to see what people create!

The nice people at Why Homeschool think there might be a book idea in here somewhere. Classical education in your kitchen!

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