Thursday, June 26, 2008

Good News for NY Homeschoolers

I received the following information from one of my homeschooling loops:

On Thursday the Senate passed Assembly Bill 11463, the bill that will
allow homeschool students to receive special education services. While
the Senate was the first to sponsor legislation to restore services
for homeschool students, the Assembly passed a slightly different
version first, and the Senate then passed the Assembly bill.

While Assembly Bill 11463 has passed the legislature, the bill must
now be sent to Governor David Paterson for his signature for it to
become law. Once the bill is sent to the governor, he will have 30
days to sign it.

I would like to publicly thank our state Senators and Assembly for working to pass this bill. It is so important that special services are available to all children, whether or not they are formally schooled. I am pleased that our state government representatives recognized the inequity of denying these service to homeschooling families.

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Inner Elder said...

Congratulations! Since I am in the advocacy business, I know what an accomplishment it is to actually get legislation passed. Send your blog to the legislators and the governor. They all have e-mail.

Love, Mom

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