Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Home Spun comic strip #237

Home Spun comic strip #237

I have a very good reason for not getting ruffled when someone asks my kids, "No school today?" I realized that I use it too! How can that be? I'm a forward thinking homeschooling mom and I use such a cliche term. What's wrong with me?

Simply put, I don't know what to say when the neighbor kids drop by. I fall back on the obvious as a way to communicate, to interact with my young visitor. I suppose it is the child equivalent of "Nice weather we're having," "How about that game last night?" or "How are you today?" Perhaps I should start gathering a list of child-friendly awkward silence fillers while I'm standing in the doorway, waiting for Sierra to put her shoes on.

"Play any good games lately?"
"What a nice pair of shoes! Are they new?"
"Don't you have a birthday coming up?"
"I hear there is a new Wii coming out."

Or maybe I can tell Sierra to put her shoes on outside.


momof3feistykids said...

Staff development day! I like the sound of that.

jugglingpaynes said...

LOL! I pulled that name off of the school district calendar we get!

TheMFamily said...

HAHA! That is true. I have found myself doing it too with the kids in the neighborhood. It's a way to show that I care what they are doing, but yet I hated that question growing up. It got so annoying we were told we could just say we were off track. Now that I am a parent, I don't really want my kids to lie or feel ashamed of what they are doing, which is what I felt it fostered. So though the question is annoying, I want them to still answer it honestly.

Anonymous said...

I remember our mom getting asked that question when we went to the store with her or whatever. she would just smile and say "actually, we homeschool"


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