Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Knife Juggling and Cake

Some highlights from hubby's birthday: Juggling knives

The dreaded under-the-leg trick:

Knives 1

Chase is becoming quite the photographer. This next photo is my favorite:

Knives 2

Not bad, eh? While he played, I thawed the Cold Stone ice cream cake.

Knives 3

And no, I didn't let him cut the cake with those knives.

daddy birthday cake


B&B said...

Happy Birthday!

WoW!!! The knife throwing was awesome! I'll have to show Caylee those pictures! (Wait. Then she'll wanna try those tricks....Do you guys teach?)

Chase did an incredible job at catching that knife mid-air! So did your spouse!! Lol...Not a place I'd want to be.

Keeley said...

Wow! Cool juggling! The picture Chase took is awesome. Hey, Chase looks like his poppa. =)

That cake looks soooooo good. =) Happy Birthday to your hubby!

Lostcheerio said...

Oh my gosh, that picture of him staring down the knife is amazing -- what a BIZARRE looking picture!!! Like time has stopped and he's just contemplating it. Cool.

Inner Elder said...

Great pix, Chase. Glad we were a part of your celebration, Reed.

Love, Grandma/Eleanor

Soutenus said...

Excellent pics! AND the cake looks absolutely yummy.

Pass on our best wishes for a (belated but) very happy birthday.

Soutenus and family

ComfyDenim said...

The second pic was my favorite, too. But all of them made for an awesome set of photos! Great job to the photog and happy birthday to hubby.

I like the focused look in the first one. Definitely not to be distracted.

I mean, really. You might get hit with a knife. *L*

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