Monday, June 30, 2008

The Seasonal Visit

Every year, the Northern Oriole passes through our backyard, announcing its presence in distinct melodic tones. Every year, I grab the camera, hoping to save a memory of this beautiful creature. And every year, I lose it as I scan the wild grapevines through my camera's eye.

But not this year! This year, my little friend decided to fly to the ground. He flitted back and forth between the recently mowed lot next to our yard and the knotted mat of vines. I was photographing from a window so it was still a bit distant for my camera, but I was using the highest pixel setting intending to crop it later. I set up the best photos after cropping. These shots do not do justice to it. This is a fast moving bird, so I was happy to have any pictures at all. When the oriole flies, its underbelly glints in the sun as if it were made of pure gold.


1 comment:

B&B said...

Beautiful! Great work getting these pictures!

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