Saturday, June 14, 2008

Zoo Exhibits

The big project I assigned for my homeschooling art class was to design a zoo exhibit. I know, I'm borrowing from Marina's project when she interned at the Bronx Zoo last year, but I really love dioramas. These aren't as elaborate as the Bronx Zoo's projects, since we were working with limited resources and an age range from 6-15. The kids had to design an exhibit, taking into account the animal's needs, staff access, and visitor needs. I suggested that children who had zoo tycoon set up their exhibit virtually first, to see if the animal would be happy. We worked on this for four classes. For the last class, we toured the exhibits. I'm very proud of the work they did.

Here are two lion exhibits and a rhino exhibit:


I liked the addition of the viewing tower on the rhino exhibit.

The penguins and komodo dragon:


Below are the zebra and the butterflies. I used an inset to enlarge the information display that is set up for visitors to the zebras. I love how the butterflies are fluttering inside their tent!


Here is the coral reef and the giraffes. Notice the fish are swimming against the coral.


Everyone came up with creative ways of setting up their exhibits! I would like to thank all the parents for putting up with zoo construction, especially the very large designs. You may now take back your homes.


Mama Teaching 2 said...

OH MY WORD! I am sitting here in shocked AWE! I am SO doing this with my boys!

Inner Elder said...

WOW! Great job kids.

Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

I like this zoo! Everyone used their imaginations and creative talents to build these exhibits. Great job everyone!
Love, Aunt Linda

Keeley said...

Oh my GOSH your children are AMAZING!

Man, I wish we did stuff like that.

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