Friday, July 18, 2008

Home Spun comic strip #247

Home Spun comic strip #247

How my children love books! Pages have been crumpled and ripped in the excitement of seeing the pictures and the need to see what happens next. Artwork has been added. Always in a non-erasable marker or crayon. Each child has left their own special mark on a number of library books. We own them now. The library has had many new books courtesy of my toddler vandals. I always report the damage because it's what I want others to do.

I used to worry about how much we paid in late fines and book replacements. I now realize it is a direct result of how much we use the library. Yes, books go missing for months every now and then because someone forgot to return it to our library book shelf, but they are being read. Our days of written-on and torn-page books is now past, but the love of books and libraries grows with every year.


appleleaf said...

This is hard to prevent as it happens in a split second. I can understand what you're saying. At our place, library books can so easily get lost between all the other books on our many shelves if we're not careful.
Are you having a great summer. Although we're having a fairly busy winter, I've had a few weeks of running out of things to blog about. Should be back onto it soon, though.

TheMFamily said...

Oh yes, my baby loves books too- and too much. I hand her a library book because she is so excited to see it and I stand there saying "Soft, soft, SOFT!" But it's hard to complain when they love them so much. I could have a house of nice and neat books that no one touches and kids who are too scared to read for fear of a reprimand or I could have well loved books. I choose the latter, glad you do too. ;)

Anonymous said...

I love this comic. We've had to replace many library books too.

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