Saturday, August 30, 2008

Cat Tonic

The kids have been feeling under the weather lately....

sickie 1

So they've been getting some rest.

sickie 2

Which doesn't really stop the cabin fever.

sickie 3

The cats have been doing their best to take care of them.

sickie4 Except Dusty. She escaped again.

1 comment:

Purpleflowerpatch said...

I think your cats are really people in furry little suits??!!
To answer your question, I make both machine and hand-quited quilts - whatever the mood takes at the time. ;-)
You SHOULD give it a go!! It is SO SO easy!! In fact I will send you a simple pattern to start with. Watch the mail next month.
Elizabeth would love to make a rosary for you - just tell us what colour etc. $20 for the rosary and just $3.50 post to the US. You know, she is now learning Spanish for WYD Madrid 2011. Maybe Marina will go and they can meet up?

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