Thursday, September 4, 2008

Today's Lessons: Fire Safety and Auto Repair

I've been having one of those days. I woke up barely able to swallow because of this wonderful bug the kids shared with me. Later I had to save Sierra when the fan on my computer went berzerk and the computer hard drive started smoking. It's still not well. I'm using the computer my children built with their dad. In spite of my body telling me to rest, my brain told me that I should really get Chase to Tae Kwon Do because he hasn't been there for almost two weeks. My brain also told me I should bring Sierra along and stop at Target to find a leotard, tights and dance slippers for the class she starts next week.

Stupid brain.

I pulled into a space and realized there was a cart in the way, so I put the car in park to step out and move it. I got back in and as I put the gear into drive I could feel a pop. Or a snap. Whatever it was, I was no longer able to put the car in gear.


Called hubby. Called my dad. Cried a little. Sierra was a real trooper about the whole experience and I was really proud of myself for actually charging my cell phone before I left. In the end, my father was able to get the car into drive so that I could at least get home. I have a broken transaxle linkage...thing. Which means the car doesn't work.

And Target didn't even have the dance clothes I needed. Grrr.

I think my brain's plans get foiled as easily as Brain's.


Anonymous said...

I agree, Tina. The brain can fool you but the body never lies. However, I continue to be amazed at how your father can get cars going. Maybe you and your car can get some rest and recuperate.

Love, Mom

flmom said...

Sending you lots of (((((HUGS)))))!

Spinneretta said...

LOL I had forgotten about Pinky and the Brain :)

I am sorry your car is messed up :( And that you are sick... here's hoping you start to feel better SOON.

In the meantime, rest and relax and maybe read...

Anonymous said...

Oh, No. I'm sorry you're not feeling well - and having car problems. Maybe the kids could learn to share a little bit less with you? Hopefully, it won't cost too much to get the car fixed.

Love, Linda

rissa said...

if you still don't have dance stuff try

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