Friday, October 10, 2008

Home Spun comic strip #277

Home Spun comic strip #277

I forget where we found this activity, I think it was a book on Colonial America. Making butter is a wonderful family activity. Just make sure you have plenty of willing shakers or you may have to spend the last five minutes wishing you had never started this.

We never mastered the straining portion. Our directions told us to squeeze the lump of butter in a cheesecloth so that the buttermilk drips out. I'm guessing they meant a finer cheesecloth than what I found at the supermarket. Mine resembled Swiss. I think someone confused the cheesecloth packaging with the gauze bandage packaging. The butter tasted good. Don't forget to remove the marbles.


Jessica said...

We used to volunteer as docents at a living history museum in the summer as kids. We did pioneer life. We LOVED it and we had authentic butter churns where we would churn our butter. Home churned butter is YUMMY! Be sure you wash it though, this is another way to get the buttermilk off. If you leave it, your butter will taste bad and become rancid. Otherwise, oh, so yummy! The old fashioned butter churn is actually not too bad to use- especially if everyone takes a turn. lol Enjoy your butter! You just reminded me how much I miss it.

ComfyDenim said...

*L* How'd you know I'd probably forget to take the marbles out??

appleleaf said...

It sounds like a good PE lesson for building up the muscles too, and you get pure, wholesome butter as a bonus. We've got to try it. I won't ask how long it took because I think it'd quicker for your family, with your juggling and judo, than it would be for ours, with our puny arms!
Sorry to hear about the loss of your uncle and touched to read his eulogy. It really highlights how much tougher times used to be for the older generation and how much they deserve our love and respect.

Vicki said...

George saw me pull up your page and as I was reading about the kitties above, he started chanting "scroll down, scroll down!"

This comic really cracked him up. Me too!

Keeley said...

We did this! Without the marbles though. It was fun. =)

I'm wondering about washing the butter. Doesn't all the butter go down the sink if you wash it?

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