Monday, October 13, 2008

Home Spun comic strip #278

Home Spun comic strip #278

When I first started teaching spelling to Chase, I really thought I knew what I was doing. After all, Marina was a terrific speller. I must have done something right. Another lesson proving that every child is different and every child learns at their own pace.

Honestly, I think Chase would be a terrific speller if English were more phonetic. English spelling is dumb. I have proof.


Anonymous said...

Trying to work out and apply spelling rules is the bane of my son's existence. He thinks he has the hang of something, then he runs into exceptions. I often think of George Bernard Shaw who famously complained that "fish" could just as well be spelled "ghoti" ("gh" as in "tough," "o" as in "women" and "ti" as in "notion") Who can make sense of it all?

appleleaf said...

That's quite funny proof. I've heard that English is quite the most difficult second language for anybody to learn and I can certainly understand why.
I made a mistake on my last comment, didn't I? Chase does karate, doesn't he, not judo? Please excuse my foggy brain.
Enjoy your approaching winter,

Keeley said...

That is just so dang cute. =) I love it when children are learning to spell. =)

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