Saturday, October 18, 2008

A Night of Art and Books

I want to congratulate Michael Albert, homeschooling dad, juiceman and artist, for his successful opening night at the Palmer Art Gallery. Michael's opening was attended by many homeschoolers from the NYC and Westchester area. Many of my favorite collages were on display, including "The New Colossus," Mr. Bubble, and the nutrition label skulls (I don't remember what the title of that one is.) It was wonderful to see so many children at an event like this. Usually, if I walk into an art gallery with my children, I can feel the eyes on me, as if I were leading a Vandal horde. Not here. This was a very family friendly exhibit.

A few doors down from the art gallery at The Voracious Reader, Michael's book was being offered for sale. I was happy to finally visit this independent bookstore. It is owned by a homeschooler! The bookstore is so charming and stuffed with books that homeschoolers love. In the words of one ten year old, "I would like to live here!" Sierra was charmed by the owner's dog, Franklin, who followed her around as she browsed the bookshelves. I will need to return there soon.

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Alison said...

I love bookstores. A bookstore run by homeschoolers sounds like my kind of place for sure!

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