Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween Costumes

The weekend was busier than I thought, but I now have the pictures of the Halloween costumes for you. Marina decided to be a Muse this year. An amusing Muse. Thalia, the muse of comedy. She made the mask herself. I'm very proud.

Comedy Muse

Chase went with an idea of mine. He's Death's Door. I thought it would be funny if people asked what he was he could tell them, "I'm Death's Door. You're standing at Death's Door!" No one asked. Bummer. We also didn't realize what a burden it is to be Death's Door. Luckily, hubby came along trick-or-treating and took the role of Death's Doorman.

Death's Door

I'm proud of the door knocker. I made that part of the costume.

Sierra was a princess, of course. Here she is, standing at Death's Door. (Ha!)

my princess

Our cat, Hobgoblin, considered two costumes. He couldn't decide between going as a box of tissues or the Cat in the Hat. He decided to stay home in the end.

Hob tissues Hob in a Hat

The role of the black cat was played by Merlin. Yorick the skull played himself. As usual.
Merlin's Skull


biblioholic29 said...

LOL! Oh kitties!

Alison said...

Very cool costumes and fun comments :-)

ComfyDenim said...

*LOL* I"m reminded of the joke "Knock on death's door and run. He hates that."

I like the box of tissues idea. *LOL*

Keeley said...

Oh wow, AWESOME costumes! =)

Kerian said...

What great costumes!

Lori said...

i love your costumes! so creative! :^D)

aw, too bad about death's door - one of the boys walking in our group told me sadly, "no one has said *i* have a great costume yet - sigh". ;^)

Inner Elder said...


Love, Grandma

Purpleflowerpatch said...

The box of tissues?! What a CLEVER cat!!
You are a VERY creative and imaginative family - wow!

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