Friday, November 7, 2008

Home Spun comic strip #289

Home Spun comic strip #289

I will be posting some repeats next week as I prepare my quarterly reports for the school district. If you would like to register a complaint, please take it to the NY state education department. I didn't make these regulations.


Anonymous said...

Food always enhances math, doesn't it? :-)

Keeley said...

So sorry! I sent you an invite. =)

Oh you poor thing having to fill out quarterly reports. Do they have to be very detailed? They must be if you're having to spend all week on them. Poor you!

Jessica said...

You confirmed my invite so I think I am in the clear right? ;) Yeah, NY needs to get off the report wagon. One thing that makes me happy about my state. I will fight so that hopefully it always stays that way. And I like the math... mmmm cookies.

appleleaf said...

Sounds like you'll be busy but not having fun. Hope you get through the reports with not too much stress.
I agree that these lessons involving food are great.
About the guinea pigs, I know the purring, chirruping noises you mentioned and they're really cute.
Keep posted for the next part of the guinea pig saga coming soon.

Inner Elder said...

When it comes to cookies, the answer is always zero. I ate them all! Love Mom
PS I think it's good practice to write reports, as long as you don't agonize over them. It shows you all you've accomplished and will help Marina when she writes her essays for college applications.

Keeley said...

Thank you for your comment. =)

Is there a particular form you are required to fill out? If there is, could you point me in the right direction to get one? I'm thinking it would be a good thing to fill out to stick in my sons' journals from time to time so they have a record of what they've been up to. =)

Keeley said...

Your mother is very wise.

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