Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Home Spun reprints #32-34 Papier-Mâché

Every year I have this crazy idea to have our family work with papier-mâché. I admit it isn't my favorite medium. I hate the mess of it. I pick splotches of flour paste off of the floor for days. The flour paste ferments because we are too busy to finish it in one week or their work takes days to dry because they used too much paste. I have to push the kids to finish. I promise myself that this is the last time.

And then I forget and we do it again the following year.





flmom said...

LOL! I haven't attempted this with my boys and don't believe I will. :o) Sometimes it's stressful enough just doing projects involving paint. Ack!

Lori said...

ohhhhh, i'm flashing back on a boy stepping backward into a full bucket of flour & water mixture ...

Vicki said...

Caylee and I did a big 'under the Christmas tree, train set, paper mache world' one year on an 8'x4' piece of plywood.

That's when I learned about the fermenting.


Keeley said...


Ok. Totally makes me want to try that... =D

appleleaf said...

Ugh, messy stuff! Have you ever come across a gruesome Jacqueline Wilson book entitled "The Cat Mummy"? The girl in the story finds her pet has died and attempts to do just that, with papier mache.
Congrats for your honours down below, all very well deserved I must say.

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