Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Home Spun comic strip #314

Home Spun comic strip #314

It's a pleasure to know we aren't the only family to take naming pets so seriously. I confess one of the reasons I enjoy writing is for the pleasure of naming things. Especially because I can name my characters on my own. Unlike the committee decision of what to name a new cat.

"Oh. It's you," she said to the black cat.

"See?" said the cat. "It wasn't so hard recognising me, was it? Even without names."

"Well, what if I wanted to call you?"

The cat wrinkled its nose and managed to look unimpressed. "Calling cats," it confided, "tends to be a rather overrated activity. Might as well call a whirlwind."

"What if it was dinnertime?" asked Coraline. "Wouldn't you want to be called then?"

"Of course," said the cat. "But a simple cry of 'Dinner!' would do nicely. See? No need for names."
~Coraline by Neil Gaiman

For those of you who wondered, our current herd of cats are: Dustbunny, Merlin, Rosie, Hobgoblin, and Knick Knack. Only Dusty and Rosie answer to their names. Sometimes.

If food is involved.


Janet said...

Our current cat is called Holly but she answers to that name not at all. I'm not sure what her secret name is, but it would be nice if she would at least look toward us when we call her.

In the past we've had Goofball, Ish and Kibbible, Mouse, Brown Cat, Gray Cat, Tan Cat, Barnabus, Jack o'Lantern (showed up the thirtieth of October- still around 16 years later), Sam, Generic, Velcro, Toes, and Tipsy. Most of them fit their names and came when they were called. On a side note, I did grow up on a farm where we needed barn cats. We used to have two litters of kittens a year, every year just to keep enough cats around. Sad to say those days are past and now there are cats galore at the shelter. Too sad.

Kerian said...
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Kerian said...

Comment number two is me. Sorry! I don't know what happened with my mouse, but obviously what was not intended.

I think my family might debate from four names for each cat, tops. Now that I think of it, I've only ever named one cat. I was two and named our black cat Tabby. Go figure.

Loofy always came when I called him. I think he knew I worried when he wasn't by my side. The cats we have now go back and forth between ignoring us, picking their heads up to listen and coming running with their tails up. As humans we're expected to give far more attention to cats than they'll give to us, don't think you?

I must read Coraline! I'm more eager to read it now than ever. I see Marina has left an influence on you with it unless you have read it as well. ;)

jugglingpaynes said...

Kerian-I did just finish Coraline. It was very good, but it reminded me a lot of one of his other stories, Mirrormask, which I liked better.

Keeley said...

I think Dr. Peanut and Cucumber are good names.

Also my son thinks "Clock" is a good name. He's 13. What can I say?

"Dog" is a good name for a cat.

I once read a book where this family took in this really beat up stray tomcat. One eye, one ear, scars, the whole deal. The family couldn't find a name for the cat. The cat refused to accept any name they gave it. Finally, the wife said words to the effect of, "This is silly. His name is Mummy's little precious darling", isn't it sweetums?" The cat obviously had a sense of humour because he accepted that name. =D

Ben says "Geraldo" is a good name. Just make sure he has a mustache first.

Now you know the other reason why our dog is called mouse. We're all insane. =D

Inner Elder said...

I love your quotes in the cat naming strips. Snappy should have been named Slasher. He would get me cornered and then attack my arms and legs, which were covered with scratches. Love, Mom

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