Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Carnival in Venice

I'm going to take some of Marina's Venice pictures out of order so that you can enjoy them for Mardi Gras. Imagine, the Carnival in Venice!

There was a point when Carnival lasted six months! It only lasts for ten days now. There were little kids dressed up in costume as well. Some of them had bags of confetti which they were throwing all over the place. One little boy was feeding his baby brother confetti! The baby didn't like that too much. His parents didn't either!

Venice-Carnival1 Venice-Carnival2



The revelers walked in color coordinated groups.

Marina stands in front of the clock tower. It has a 24 hour clock and every hour bronze figures at the top of the clock hit a bell. I'll talk more about it when I finish editing and posting Venice.

Venice-Dinosaurs 1

The dinosaurs were stilt-walkers in costume. They had sound effects and music when they walked through the piazza and down the street, so you could hear them roaring! They are walking around the Doge's Palace.


Bonni said...

Great Pictures! I'm loving the skylines and architecture. It makes me think about just how 'new' our world is.

Kerian said...

I've been really enjoying seeing these pictures. :)

Inner Elder said...

OK Now I want to go back to Venezia!
Marina's pictures are super.
Love, Mom

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